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Family Medicine and Child Health

Our dedicated General Practitioners are experienced in all aspects of family medicine and child health. We care for patients of all ages and provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to your health care. Health assessments and preventative screening tests will make sure we treat risk factors and detect disease early.  Our doctors are specialists in Paediatric development assessments, childhood vaccinations and baby health checks.  We also work closely with specialists and allied health professionals to provide a complete package for your health care needs.

Women's Health

We provide an holistic approach to women's health including "well woman" health checks, antenatal and pregnancy care, preconception and fertility advice and testing, contraception advice including Implanon insertion, pap smears, breast screening, menopause management, mental health management, weight management, bowel cancer screening and osteoporosis management.  

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Men's Health

We are committed to improving the health of our male population and are dedicated to providing screening and preventative health programs to our male patients.  We provide health assessments, cardiovascular risk factor profiling, weight management, exercise programs, bowel and prostate cancer screening, mental health services, as well as more personal men's health issues.

Chronic Disease Management

Comprehensive, multidisciplinary and holistic medical care for complex and chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, dementia, kidney disease, autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis and more.  Our General Practitioners pride themselves on developing lasting doctor-patient relationships, so that your health care is managed by one medical team, and is not fragmented. Our relationship with specialists and allied health professionals give our patients the required referral base to further manage their medical conditions.

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Musculoskeletal Medicine

Our doctors all have an interest in musculoskeletal medicine.  Patients will be examined thoroughly and we refer to local imaging companies as appropriate to best manage your condition.  Our doctors have a multidisciplinary approach and we have strong relationships with local physiotherapists and exercise physiologists and orthopaedic surgeons.  

Skin Cancer Medicine

Our General Practitioners are trained in the use of dermoscopy, which uses an instrument called a dermatoscope to aid in the detection of skin lesions and malignancies.  We use the dermatoscope to perform a comprehensive skin examination, from head to toe.  Any skin lesions that need monitoring can be photographed at the time to compare at a later date.  Any skin lesions that need excising can be managed at our medical centre.  If a larger, more complex excision is required, we can refer you to our team of dermatologist or plastic surgeons for further management.

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Workcover and Occupational Health

Our medical team provide comprehensive medical assessments relating to pre-employment or employment needs.  We can also manage workplace injuries such as lacerations and musculoskeletal complaints and can complete Workcover forms and paperwork to make your claim experience more pleasurable.  We can perform testing such as spirometry and ECGs on site and refer you to our local radiology practice for chest x-rays etc.  Urine testing and pathology testing can be easily organised through our medical centre.

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

Our experienced General Practitioners can provide advice on the possible health implications relating to your travel destination.  We prescribe appropriate medications to take on your journey in order to help with the unexpected health issues that may arise in other countries.  We provide general advice in relation to travel and can perform travel vaccinations relating to your travel destinations, including malaria prophylaxis and Yellow Fever Vaccinations.  

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Mental Health

With the increase in mental health illness such as depression and anxiety in our society, our caring General Practitioners are equipped to help you through the hard times.  We are experienced in treating common mental health presentations such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-natal depression and generalised stress.  Some times you may just need someone to talk to - well we can do that as well.  If you need a friendly, empathetic and experienced doctor who listens to you, Chermside Family Medical Centre can provide this support.

Additional Services

Our medical centre is equipped with state of the art medical equipment to provide services such as ECGs, spirometry, ear syringing, minimally invasive ear suctioning and cryotherapy.

We now provide Iron Infusions.  If you suffer from iron deficiency, this form of supplementation can provide a lower side effect rate than taking oral supplements.  Because it is supplemented into your blood stream, you can have a quicker and longer lasting result depending on the cause of your iron deficiency.

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