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A more personalized health care experience


Chermside Family Medical Centre is a modern and innovative family practice dedicated to delivering quality and personalised medical care.  An experienced team of health professionals provide comprehensive health services to people of all ages, gender and nationality.  As a patient, you will experience a primary health care service with a more personalised approach.  We do not believe in "drive through medicine" or "patient factory medical centres" and value the importance of a strong doctor-patient relationship.  At Chermside Family Medical Centre, you are not just a 'number'.


The "difference"


At Chermside Family Medical Centre, your healthcare experience will be different.  We believe in the traditional family doctor model of healthcare, meaning our family doctors take time to listen to your concerns and work with you to achieve optimal health outcomes.  We pride ourselves on the ability to offer more specialised medical services in addition to a complete and holistic primary healthcare model. Our team of health professionals are committed to preventative health care, chronic disease management, education and improving the quality of health care delivered.

GPA Accredited Medical Centre

Chermside Family Medical Centre is proud to announce that it has continued to be successful in its accreditation process and has been awarded accreditation with GPA Accreditation plus.

To be successful in the accreditation process we must meet a set of nationally recognised standards that focus on health care quality and patient safety.  Being an accredited medical practice with General Practice Accreditation (GPA) means that our patients are guaranteed we comply with these high quality standards of practice.

These standards are set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).


Continued and successful accreditation ensures our patients are receiving the highest standard of care within all aspects of our practice and reinforces Chermside Family Medical Centre's continuous commitment to exceed quality benchmarks and provide quality healthcare.

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